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E. Martin Davidoff, Esq., CPA, is nationally recognized as one of the country's leading experts in IRS representation matters.

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Representing clients before tax authorities to resolve disputes has become the mainstay of our successful firm.  While serving thousands of clients for three decades, we have developed essential working relationships with representatives from the IRS and state tax department who have the authority to make decisions and ultimately settle our clients’ case. 

Whether a case involves an outstanding tax liability, an audit, unfair penalties, liens or other tax challenges, our highly experienced staff will launch an aggressive campaign to settle the case in the most successful manner. 

Our services in this area include:



An Offer in Compromise is a resolution made between a taxpayer and the IRS (or other taxing agency) wherein the agency agrees to accept payment of only a percentage of the debt owed in order to settle the case.  In many instances, an Offer in Compromise is an advantageous arrangement for both the client and the IRS.  This situation occurs most frequently when it is unlikely that the taxpayer will ever be capable of paying off the entire liability, or when there is question about the validity of the amount owed.  The compromise usually focuses on the amount the taxpayer is realistically able to pay.  Payment is made either as a lump sum or through an installment agreement.

Preparing and submitting an Offer in Compromise is an intricate process requiring tremendous knowledge of IRS procedures and regulations.  Often, the fine line between acceptance and rejection of an Offer lies in the preparation of the documents.  Our highly qualified tax controversy team will lead the process, using their direct contacts with IRS representatives to negotiate a fair and reasonable Offer in Compromise on your behalf.



Although only about one percent of tax returns are audited by the Internal Revenue Service, receiving an audit notice – or any letter about taxes – can be a frightening experience for even the most financially savvy individual.  We deal directly with the IRS and state tax agencies on your behalf. 

The most important advice we offer is to never ignore an audit notice from the IRS.  Many audit cases can be handled successfully through correspondence, but the paperwork must be completed properly and timely in order to be successful.  If representation before the IRS is required, we are fully prepared and experienced to handle the case and achieve the best possible outcome.



When Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes,” he should have added, “and the two are united in a process called estate planning.”

While the loss of a loved one creates a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety, dealing with the financial implications should not worsen the situation.  Estate planning is a valuable tool to ensure that an individual’s final wishes are honored regarding asset distribution, power of attorney, health care and even funeral arrangements.  Overall, the creation of a thorough estate plan will simplify the legal proceedings after death.

We can guide you through the process to properly address all the tax and financial matters, including:



Effectively managing finances to achieve lifetime goals – that’s the purpose of tax and financial planning.  It sounds simple enough, but becomes rather challenging when attempting to navigate a maze of options, potential pitfalls, family issues, and state and federal tax regulations.  For example, is it better to save for the kids’ college or one’s own retirement?  Through proper evaluation and by monitoring ever-changing tax laws, we can develop a plan to enhance the future growth of assets and minimize the overall tax liability. 

Our services in this area include:

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Starting a new business or selecting the appropriate form for a business can often be a confusing process for entrepreneurs or business owners. Our qualified staff can lead you through the maze for:



When a taxpayer fails to pay back taxes, the IRS can place a lien and/or levy against the taxpayer's property (car, home, IRA, bank accounts, cash value of life insurance policy, etc.). A lien acts as a security deposit against the debt, while a levy gives the IRS the right to legally seize the property as payment for the tax liability. The IRS may issue a Notice of Federal Tax Lien or a Notice of Intent to Levy only after specific conditions are met.

If one of these notices is received, we can uncover opportunities to have the lien or levy released, and negotiate on your behalf to have IRS representatives re-evaluate the situation. In addition, the IRS must release a lien or levy if certain circumstances are found to be true, such as if the statute of limitations for collection had expired prior to the notice being issued. Levies and liens can create financial disaster for taxpayers, but often have successful outcomes when handled by our knowledgeable tax controversy staff.



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